Vaccination in Ukraine (2006-2011)

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The lack of information on vaccinal prevention, contradictory statements of medics, numerous postvaccinal fatal outcomes of the healthy children and practically absent awareness of fellow-citizens became the major reasons for establishing of “The Ukrainian Vaccinal Prevention Population-Informing Program” by our social organization. This problem can be related with almost every Ukrainian family because there already are or soon will be born children, who are supposed to be vaccinated.

What is the vaccination in its modern sense? The answer to that question can be given according to two components. First is based on the medical definition while second on the Ukrainian law basis.

The basement of the medical component derives from the extremely fast and powerful development of science (including medical science) that is coming true due to the significant progress of the innovative technologies and great capital investments of the interested parties. Opening and forming of the immunobiological production industry (the following step after antibiotics) is a result of this progress. Without a doubt, World Health Organization (WHO) is the trigger which impelled Ukrainian vaccination program because our medical department leaders position the WHO recommendations as the major argument for the necessity to provide vaccinal prevention (immunization). On occasion, I’d like to mention, that despite the significant amount of medical establishments in Ukraine, it is still practically impossible to find any interviews and expert conclusions of our home medical scientists in Ukrainian mass media sources. In medias res WHO is the social organization that lobbies the interests of many world medical corporations which (as any other business) state gaining profits as their general purpose. Let us recall the “desperate” sensation related to A/H1N1 flu virus that was faked by the former government of our country and took place in October of 2009. Think of the foreign corporations’ proposals to accept some definite vaccines but with one condition – not to claim any charges for possible negative consequences!

Revealing the medical component of vaccination we will be glad to point out the fact that so far, vaccination is one of the innovative directions of medical development which still hangs on the development stage and correspondingly needs deeper and more detailed studies and researches.

Vaccine is a preparation that contains an antigen (antigens) of some microorganisms that causes a definite immune response after infusing and this, in turn save an organism from contamination (prof. M. Jakobisiak, page 26, “Immunology”, New Book 2004). This definition is quite accurate and persuasive, but it is generally known, that the practical effect of the vaccination is applied through contamination of a human (child’s) organism with some kind of a weakened or modified decease agent. Actually, antigen is an agent of a disease (infection) and the full amount of infused by means of vaccinal prevention agents causes so called antigenic overload. Thereby, a rising question sounds like this: what is the necessity and reasonability of vaccinal prevention of a new born child in the very first day of its life (hepatitis b – 1st day; tuberculosis – 3–7th day)? For instance in the UK they hold the vaccination prevention starting with 2 months age.

Law based component of the vaccination (immunization) in Ukraine is regulated by the law “About support of sanitary and epidemic wellbeing of the population” and the law “About protection of the population against infectious diseases” (source: and Asset 12 of the law “About protection of the population against infectious diseases” reads as follows: prophylactic immunization of a person must be held in case of absence of any particular medical contraindications only after a medical inspection. Prophylactic immunization for adult competent citizens should be held in case of their consent, after providing them with all the objective information about the inoculation, consequences of declining it and possible postvaccinal complications. Prophylactic inoculations for people who did not attain 15-years-old age or are acknowledged legally incapable are held only by approbation of their objectively informed parents or other legal representatives. … If a person and (or) her legal representatives refuse to apply obligatory prophylactic inoculations, a doctor has a right to take corresponding writing confirmation or give such confirmation and confirm it documentary in presence of witnesses in case of refuse.

One of the major regulating documents is the order of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health №48 from 2006/02/03 “About the adoption of the prophylactic inoculations in Ukraine and control of quality and circulation of medical immunobiological preparations” (source: and There are 17 inoculations (against 11 agents of decease) which are foreseen by "The Prophylactic Inoculations Schedule" and are meant to be provided for a half year old baby since the very first day of its life. Total amount of inoculations (inclusive with those repeated) that are applied to the child till it reached 17 consists of 26 inoculations which are classified as "obligatory inoculations for children on age". "The Prophylactic Inoculations Schedule" in the whole consists of 4 sections which are: “inoculations for children on age", “inoculations on the level of health”, “inoculations which are meant to be held on the enzootic territories and depending on the epidemic characteristic” and “recommended inoculations”.

Medical examination that must be held before applying the inoculation is one of the most disordered issues. This examination is meant to be made by sight just using a clinical thermometer when a human (child’s) organism contains (and that is a well known fact) active or latent pathogenic infections. The presence and activity of such infections is determined by force of PCR and IFA diagnostic methodologies which can only be supported in some private clinics that offer vaccination, but the cost of such inspections reaches hundreds of grivnas.

Storage and transporting of vaccines, that is determined by the “Order of providing of the proper terms of storage, transporting and stocktaking of medical immunobiological preparations (MIP) in Ukraine” (source: and looks extremely vulnerable especially taking into account the general level of executive discipline in our country that is not really high. Results of that kind of executive discipline turns into practically regular notifications about oxygen tank explosions in hospitals and gas equipment fires and explosions in civil buildings all over the country. On occasion, let us pay attention on the fact that it is obligatory to use a thermo container while purchasing and transporting of vaccines, including “MIBP” (that can appear to be a usual thermos) – paragraph 6 of the ”MIBP Purchase Order for Civilians”. And the paragraph 4.7 reads as follows: vaccine which was kept in the conditions of violation of cold chain cannot be used and is subjected to be eliminated (temperature of storage of vaccines, according to p. 4.2, is from 2 to 8 0С).

A great attention is drawn by the Instruction about organization of epidemiology supervision after the side effect of immunobiological preparations” (source: and Chapter 1.2 of this instruction says that monitoring of postvaccinal reactions and complications is the system of permanent surveillance after safety of MIBP in their practical conditions of usage. Chapter 1.4 determines:
- postvaccinal reactions (PVR) are clinical and laboratory signs of unsteady pathological (functional) changes in the human organism which occur on a regular basis because of applied inoculations;
- postvaccinal complications (PVC) are steady functional morphological changes inside an organism which go out the boundaries of physiology vibrations and lead to significant reduce of health level.
Attachment №1 of the “Order…” presents the list of postvaccinal reactions and
complications which are obviously possible but the conclusion should be made by all who are concerned about the question.

In the year of 2009 the bill “About the vaccinal prevention of infectious diseases” (register №4778) was submitted for consideration of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. This bill consists of 15 pages, 5 of which form the V chapter called “Social defense of people in case of occurring of postvaccinal complications”. This chapter foresees compensation of harm as a result of damage of health for the injured person (child), or helping with a burial place in case of her death! Granting of ritual services, including establishment of tombstones are also supposed to be provided! (Asset 16-24).

Here’s an additional fact on this issue – the current bill “gained” numerous remarks and “The Negative Conclusion of the Main Scientifically-Expert Administration” (source: and and was rejected by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on 2010-03-02 that do not guarantee there will be no similar law based innovations.

Despite some medical risks, the Ukrainian vaccinal prevention bears particular socially discriminatory signs (because children belong to their parents, but not to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine or the WHO) which consist in the following: in terms of the Ukrainian Law “About protection of the population against infectious diseases” (asset 15 – Prevention of the Infectious Diseases in children's institutions) “children who were not vaccinated according to the vaccinal prevention schedule aren’t allowed to visit children’s institutions”. While the 53rd asset of the Constitution of Ukraine says that the high education is obligatory and the government provides availability of preschool, high, vocational technical and higher education in state and municipal institutions. In addition, asset 12 of the Ukrainian law “About protection of the population against infectious diseases” and asset 27 of the Ukrainian law “About support of sanitary and epidemic wellbeing of the population” (source: and state, that there are only 6 (six) kinds of inoculations which are acknowledged as the obligatory prophylactic inoculations. They are: inoculations against tuberculosis, polio, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus and measles. I can’t but mention that even taking into account that vaccination against tuberculosis has been providing in our country since the years of Soviet Union, the morbidity is still great that means that the efficiency of the above-mentioned procedure of prophylaxis is quite low and this is a circumstance worthy of being noted.

In conclusion, I'd like to admit that there are no clear, well-reasoned and certain findings for or against the vaccination today. But the majority of authoritative specialists infer that providing of "obligatory inoculations on age" needs corrections in accordance to questions of safety (risks) and legislative settlement (see. “Actual aspects of modern immunoprophylaxis: necessity of thin balance between interests of society and a human being”, V.J. Kazmirchuk, D.V. Malycev, “Clinical Immunology. Allergology. Infectology” magazine Num. 2, 2010, source:
Taking into account the great amount of tuberculosis patients in Ukraine, we should pay attention on the efficiency of the mentioned procedure of vaccination as inoculations against tuberculosis (BCG vaccine) had been provided for many years since the times of Soviet Government. In Germany, for instance, they do not conduct vaccination against tuberculosis.

Let us mention the way that medicine passed during a few last decades in conclusion. There was a period of mass tonsil surgical removals, although tonsils are now admitted essential as they are part of the immune system! Prescription and applying of antibiotics in case of inflammatory processes is met with great doubts by medics nowadays. It is truly so because of two major reasons:

  • bacterial resistance (insensibility, endurance to the preparation);
  • recent warning which notifies impossibility of using antibiotics to treat viral infections (antibiotics are useless against viruses!).

It is not difficult to foresee the conclusions which will be made about the total vaccinal prevention in ten years. And we ought to become thoughtful about the price that is going to be paid for the widespread adoption of scientific advances today. Being thoughtful and taking concern about the very first doctor's commandment "do not harm" should be taken as a major concept.

Our mature generations perfectly remember the former Soviet methods of a child’s health formation. We remember our wonderful non-vaccinal childhood without sex, narcotics, podium, advertisement… We had got pioneer camps in the most picturesque forests, free sport, musical and technical sections and healthy adequate food ration. All these former advantages are called totalitarianism today. We have not heard such determinations as mucoviscidosis, polio or child's leukemia; we haven’t been fainting or dying during physical training lessons. Perhaps it’s just the time to think over the reasons of modern children’s invalidity.

President of the Western Ukraine Regional
Social Organization “Healthy Ukraine” O. Garon

The current article was established by general meeting of the Western Ukraine Regional social organization “Healthy Ukraine” 28 October 2009.

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